Postpartum Services and Support

My Postpartum services are provided once you are home and I offer any support or extra help you may want. 
I am trained in breastfeeding support, and coping and adjustment for new families. 
I can get you the help you need whether you are experiencing postpartum depression, need a little extra help with breastfeeding support, or would just like some extra hands to do dishes, laundry, or hold the baby while you get some sleep. 
Once signing on I provide you with unlimited resources through text and email to evidence based practices and local support groups in your community. 

My fee is $25/hour and a minimum of 2 hour stints. 
Again I work on a sliding scale and can work something out for low income families. 

(709) 690-8107

Bannerman Street St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador NL Canada a1c3m6

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